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Toro, Toro, Toro!
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By Lucy Cook

I first met Toro 4 years ago when the horse I normally rode was too sore for a lesson. “Go and get Toro,” Debbie told me. As I turned and walked toward his stall, I thought I heard faint giggling behind me. I guess that’s when I should have realized that I was about to have my hands full.

I knew nothing about Toro at the time. I had only admired him from a distance. Once mounted, my first reaction was, “ Wow! What an awesome mover!” Who would have known that this was the start of a wonderful, challenging, and just plain fun friendship?

You see, Toro is a very accomplished gentleman who is full of energy, belying his 25 years. He can sometimes be “difficult,” often being sure that he knows best, but he always has a good heart.

A year after our initial meeting, Toro took me to my first event. Although we were doing well together in practice, my anxiety made me wonder if the good fortune would last. I just knew I was going to die, but Debbie and Rhonda repeatedly assured me that Toro would take good care of me. “Relax,” they said. “Just have a good time.” I doubted that was possible.

Needless to say, both Toro and I had a blast. What a rush the cross-country course was! We’ve done three since then, but for me, nothing will ever compare to the first.

I must say I’ve learned a lot since then too, and most of what I’ve learned, I learned from Toro. Here are his lessons: First, when you’re riding a talented horse, you get exactly what you ask for. Second, if you can just be brave and relax, you can let him go and everything will be fine. Third, always remember to have fun. And most importantly, sometimes you just have to kick up your heels!

Toro is a horse who goes above and beyond the call. With Toro, I’ve gone to new heights, and I don’t just mean over jumps. He’s my partner and my friend, and I’m truly thankful to be riding this wonderful athelete.

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