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Stormy in Florida
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There is more than one way to help a horse! Equine Rescue to Equine Rescue!!!

Earlier this month, I read an email message I received through the ERRI web page from Denise Wincapaw in Davie, Florida. Denise asked if I knew about any equine rescue facilities in Florida. Well, I didn't really, but I took a few minutes to do a little research, compiled a list of the rescues I found, and sent them off to Denise, hoping one would be somewhere near her.

A few days later, I received another email message from Denise, telling me of her impending visit to the Florida Equine Adoption Foundation to see a couple of Standardbred rescue horses.

Denise came home with Stormy and as you can see by the picture, he fits right into her family!!

Stormy is extremely healthy. The man who owned him adopted him from the Florida Equine Adoption Foundation and had him for 3 1/2 years. When he got to the point that he just didn't have time for him anymore, he followed one of the stipulations of the Florida Equine Adoption Foundation and asked them to help him relocate the animal. Of course, this stipulation is for the protection of the horse, so that the equine rescue facility can be sure to match up the horse with the adopter.

In Stormy's previous life, he was a race horse, a "pacer." Apparently, he was very good at it! The Florida Equine Adoption Agency is contacting the Standardbred Association for Denise to get Stormy's complete racing history.

Stormy just turned 11 years old in February, a Standardbred gelding, his coloring is bay; he is just shy of 16 hands; and he weighs approximately 1150 pounds (big boy). Stormy is completely rideable with a wonderful personality. He is very friendly and loving and Denise and her family are looking forward to a long future with him. -- Judy Hunter

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Stormy and Madison